Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fashion: Art or Usability?

A Wearable Art form

I see fashion as an art form first and meant for usability second. Clothing design as well as the art of dressing are such great ways to express oneself, J.Lo said "Fashion is art that you wear everyday, it makes you feel a certain way, and you can tell how someone feels about themselves by how they dress." Her words sum up my thoughts of fashion as an art form so perfectly.

I consider fashion an art form because the amount of time that goes into making these clothes. The prints of chosen fabrics combined with the detailed embellishments and structure of each and every garment. The best example of this caliber of clothing is Marc Jacobs' latest line for Louis Vuitton. It is absolutely incredible. After viewing something as amazing as this line no one can argue that fashion is not an art. Jacobs detail and emphasis on every part of the outfit is absolutely heavenly. The layering of pieces, the vibrant jewelry, the handbags being apart of the outfit rather than just an accessory, and most of all the detail regarding SHOES! Shoes seem to make an outfit these days, something I am in love with.




There are those who believe than dressing yourself is purely based on modesty and modern theories of appropriate dress, but i believe it is to express oneself. The clothes wear you, and can stand alone as an art form by themselves.

Friday, October 3, 2008

If you had a clothing line what would it be like? Who would you design for?

Nobody wants a Stick!

If I were to design a clothing line, it would be amazing. I have curves, and because of that it's my inspiration for design. I am not sure when the fashion industry confused curvy with plus size, but I don’t appreciate it. When I say curvy, I am not speaking of larger women, I am referring to women with: hourglass figures, most having average to large breasts, and women with wider hips than the average, and having a larger than average butt. My line would cater to curvy women, and clothes shaping well with their bodies.

My line would consist of very feminine garments. I would use lots of silks and airy fabrics, but also have structured garments than flatter the silhouette of a curvy woman. I would use a lot of high-waisted belts, and pleats than accentuate the waist. My Structured garments would mostly me high wasted skirts and pants that would: accentuate the waist, and flatter the booty. A lot of my shirts would be three quarter sleeves because I don’t like short sleeves or sleeveless shirts, and some would have synching along the sides giving the illusion of curve to women with big boobs, but not necessarily an hourglass figure.

Some examples of the body type I would target are:
(in no particular order)

1. Kim Kardashian(
2. Beyonce Knowles(
3. Toccara
4. Shakira
5. Jennifer Lopez