Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Favorite Retailer

Why Nordstrom?


There are many places that I enjoy shopping and that most certainly enjoy taking my money, but if I had to choose my favorite retailer it would be Nordstrom. My mother used to talk about Nordtrom and rave about all the beautiful things they had, but because we live in rural North Carolina the closest Nordstrom was two hours away. I think I was thirteen the first time I went inside a Nordstrom, South Point mall in Durham had just been built and my mom took my sisters and I to go shopping.

I like Nordstrom because they have a vast assortment of awesome jeans. I wear Seven jeans because I like the way my butt looks. I wear True Religion jeans because they are very durable, they do not fade, and they fit me quite nicely. I wear James jeans because they are just amazing. James jeans are my favorite jeans because they fit me absolutely perfectly.

Another reason I like Nordstrom is because of the make-up lines they carry. I love MAC make-up, and appreciate the talent of the women and men who do make-up at the MAC booths. MAC's foundation covers the best, they have the boldest eyeshadow and the employees at MAC do a great job applying bold make-up. I like the bold look and utter glamour of MAC.

I shop at Nordstrom because of the beautiful shoes they carry. Nordstrom carries the classiest, most fabulous brands and styles of shoes. If I ever need a great pair of shoes and Im not quite sure what the shoe needs to look like, I can always go to Nordstrom and find something.

Although there are things at Nordstrom that are very expensive, I like Nordstrom because they do carry cheaper brands. Even though the not so well-known brands are cheaper, they are just as chic, and make wonderful pieces that are easily combined with various outfits.

The ultimate reason that Nordstrom is my favorite retailer is the fact that I can go to Nordstrom and find everything I need. Nordstrom is a one stop shop in that when I shop there I can find great clothes, shoes, make-up, and jewelry.